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Welcome to Austin Lumber  


630 S. Washington Street
La Grange, Texas 78945
Yard Location Hwy 21/ Dime Box, Texas 77854


January 1, 2014


          Changing with the Times….. New Location

          First I want to Thank all who have supported Austin Lumber™ since opening our doors in 1929 in Austin, Texas. Through             the transition of my Great Grandfather, Grandfather, my father- Don Willhoite and then me as owners; Austin Lumber™ has           seen a lot of changes in 4 generations. Recently more than ever with the redevelopment and economic growth of East Austin.           I have relocated Austin Lumber™ and sold the property in downtown East-side Austin. I am now able to focus on my
         WBE/DBE/HUB status and FSC/Green Build Certified on the Commercial and Federal jobs I so dearly love. It            
         has been shown the Commercial and Federal have sustained our growth, so we must change to accommodate. We have        
         worked for the last 2 years phasing out the retail walk-in so this is not a new transformation.

         We are available by appointments, emails and phone.

          512-476-5534  main

          512-848-5146 mobile

        Many of you have not noticed the change at all, as we have continued services during this change which started over the        
        Holidays except for the elusive fax machine.  The yard is now off Hwy 21 and still operating for a short time in Austin. We are
        able to service our clients a lot better with the access to a bigger facility for our vendors & drivers but will be extremely limiting
        our customer pick up by improving our delivery service directly to our customers or jobsites. We will keep you posted on our
        new location. Austin Lumber™ is pleased & excited over this decision and hope that we are able to focus more time on the
       customer instead of the politics of economic growth.

       Since I took over in 1998 a lot of things have progressed and change is always good. My father trained me well and to his
      expertise, I have grown in the construction industry. During one of our best years ever, I was hit with neighbor kids burning my
       place down with bottle rockets New Year’s Eve 2005-2006.  After overcoming this and quite a few other major hurdles   
       including a competitor trying to steal the Austin Lumber name and hacking into my computers. We never missed a day work
       and reopened a bigger and better store in 2008. Austin Lumber™ became stronger than ever and even presented on National
       news CNN, awarded Small Business of the Year by City of Austin, and Top Building Supplier 2 years to our our

      Celebrate with us A Bigger and Better Austin Lumber™.


      Laura K. Culin, President

      Austin Lumber Company, Inc



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Be Sure YOU are in Compliance by having an FSC(R) Chain of Custody Provider

Austin Lumber is the ONLY Retail store in Texas FSC-COC



FSC orders contact Laura K. Culin

In 2001, as president and majority stockholder, Laura Culin obtained WBE/DBE certification from the City of Austin and HUB vendor certification from the state.  This allowed the company better positioning for major city, state and federal jobs through competitive bidding. 

WBE Certification   |  DBE Certification  |  HUB Certification  

            CERTIFIED HUB # 174-2909817500        

            WBE/DBE/SBE # 205054357






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